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Aquatic animals have evolved a variety of different feeding mechanisms to minimize the risk that, due to the density of water is, when a predator lunges at a prey item, the resulting turbulence may push the prey out of the predator’s reach.

Suction-feeding Edit

Suction-feeding is used to draw the prey and the surrounding water into the mouth, like  groupers and bass on earth.

Protusion Edit

Some marine creature have extendible jaws can dart forward to grab prey without producing appreciable turbulence. Like the sling jaw wrasse, goblin sharks, and dragonfly larvae on earth.


Open Dorypod's jaws

On TIRA 292B, dorypods use this feeding mechanism.

Planktonivore diet Edit

Creatures with a planktonivore diet generellay only need to go through clouds of plankton and trying to get the more at once to get all the nutrition they need, like Ptilopods.

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