Archaeodesmotraca (lit. "Old Desmostraca") was the earliest lineage of Desmostraca.


The Archaeodesmostracans were the first Desmostracans, evolving from Stenostraca in response to the emergence of the first Coleostracans.

These early Desmostracans tended to be adaptable omnivores, feeding on Malacoformes and Caulophyte species and maintaining a relatively mobile lifestyle. Their banded shell allowed them to curl up into a ball as a defense mechanism.


Like the other two clades of Diplostoma, Desmostraca was negatively affected by the emergence of the Osteopods. In the case of Desmostraca, the Platydonts out-competed them for many of the adaptable omnivore niches: the Archeodesmostraca clade was driven to extinction, while the remaining Desmostracans evolved into the Eudesmostraca clade.


Evolutionary Tree
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