The Archeanthostoma ("first anthostomes", or lit. "first flower mouths") were the first species of the Anthostoma phylum of animals on TIRA 292b.

Description Edit

Archeanthostoma emerged around 4005ma. They first clade of Anthostomes to develop and have surived into the present day.

Adult Archeanthostoma possess a ring of feather-like feeding appendages used to gather food and oxygen from the water. Each of these appendages are tipped with vibration-sensitive cells and three sensitive eyes. Their main body is encased in a shell comprised of calcium sulfate, and their feeding arms can be retracted into this shell as a means of defense.

Life Cycle Edit

Like all marine Anthostomes, Archeanthostomes breed using broadcast spawning, launching massive amounts of gametes into the water. Archeanthostoma larvae serve as plankton, although they can use their underdeveloped feeding arms to locomote through the environment. Once they mature, the larvae settle on the sea bed and metamorphose into adults.

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