There are different biomes on TIRA 292 B.

A map of TIRA 292 B.

Biomes Edit

Primitive Forest of Xylophyta Edit

The oldest biome on the continent. Very humid. Initially spanning the whole continent, it now remains only along coasts.

Steppe Edit

The steppe began to form upon the wide-scale depletion of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. As the climate became cooler and dryer, the forests began to recede and were replaced by a large steppe.

Size comparison

Size comparison between some steppes animals. From left to right; (a human), an Opisthoptera, an Eurycheridae, a Leptopoda, an Onychodontia, a Baropoda and a Procerapoda.

Swamps and marshes Edit

The swamp is where all terrestrial life begin.Yet we know so little about it and its inhabitants.

The size of the swamps was fueled by the hypercane that rage across Tira’s vast ocean. These hypercanes have now disappeared due to drop the of temperature reducing the size of the once great swamp to small little marshes scattered around the cost.

Organisms Edit

Sea Edit

TIRA 292 B has only one continent and, as a result, the oceans are incredibly large. Due to the hydrogen sulphide in the atmosphere (which dissolves in water), the ocean is somewhat acidic.

First marine ecosystem Edit


First Marine Ecosystem

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The First Ecosystem is the first ecosystem that existed on TIRA 292 B. It contains the first living things which are the first different branches of the evolutionary tree of TIRA 292B.

Pelagic zone Edit

The Pelagic zone is the top layer open ocean, far from coasts and hundreds of meters above the seabed.

Comparison with the Anthostome Reefs Edit

In some ways, the differences between the reefs and open ocean is analogous to the difference between the forests and the steppe; in the open sea, where there’s virtually no form of cover or shelter, it pays to be optimized for speed, but the complex landscape of the reefs favors specializations for maneuverability.

Reefs of sessiles anthostomes Edit

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The Reefs of sessile anthostomes is a biome that can be found on the shallows along the coasts.

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