Eudesmostraca (lit: "true Desmostracans") is a clade of Desmostracans.

Description Edit

When the Platydontia emerged, most of the Desmostraca clades became extinct. A number of the remaining species evolved into the Eudesmostracans.

Eudesmostracans are malacovores, analogous to insectivores on Earth. While they have six frontal tentacles like all Lophostomes, Eudesmostracan tentacles are more specialized, with their tentacles consisting of three pairs. The top pair acts as sensory organs, similar to a nose; the middle pair are whip-like appendages used to grab prey; the bottom pair are spade-like, with grinding surfaces that crush malacovores before swallowing. Compared to earlier Desmostracans, Eudesmostracans are bulkier, and it is unclear whether they can bundle up as a defensive adaptation. Early species were approximately 80cm long, although they likely shrank to smaller sizes following the emergence of the steppe.


Evolutionary Tree
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