Eudolichognatha (lit. "true Dolichognathans") are a clade of Dolichognatha, consisting of the species closest in anatomy and lifestyle to the first


Eudolichognathans are native to swamps and wetlands, where they feed on various acanthopods. They possess long, slender mandibles with needle-like teeth. Eudolichognathans are among the smallest of the Synischians, measuring only around a meter in height, although they are still larger than any Polyschian yet seen.

There are two primary differences between Eudolichognatha and its sister clade Pelagotheria. First, Eudolichognathans have retained the ability to locomote in terrestrial environments (although they still spend a majority of their life within the water). Second, their pedipalps, while smaller than most Osteopods, are still used for handling and masticating prey.


Evolutionary Tree
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