The Eugastrozoa (lit. "true stomach animals") are a clade of Gastrozoa.


Eugastrozoans, like early anthostomes, are sessile and radially symmetrical animals. However, their tentacles are adapted to more actively ensnare prey from the water rather than passively strain it.

Their free-floating nymph stage is sexless, while their sessile form is hermaphroditic.

Larvae Edit

Gastrozoan larvae

Eugastrozoa larvae, while still considered zooplankton, grow up to several centimeters in length before maturing. As a result, they fill a similar role to jellyfish, hunting smaller zooplankton such as Tachypods or smaller Anthostome larvae.

Eugastrozoan larvae themselves are prey to nektonic filter feeders, such as Ptilopods or Isopterygians.

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