Eurycheiridae (lit. "Wide Hands") is a family of Platydontia native to the steppe.

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Eurycheiridae first appeared around 4243 ma, diverging from the Leptopoda branch of Edaphoteria Platydonts. Like all Edaphoteria, Eurycheirids have developed thermoregulation.

Measuring around 30cm in height, Eurycheirids are mesocarnivorous scavengers, with 50-70% of their diet consisting of meat. In the case of the Eurycheirids, they feed largely on carrion and Titanopoda ootheca. They possess an improved sense of smell, and their slender pedipalps are lined with serrated claws and taste receptors. The feet on their front walking limbs are wide and spade-like, helping them dig for buried ootheca.

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