Hadrorhachia (lit. "stout spine") is a clade of Acanthopodia, common to pelagic environments and analogous to cartilaginous fish on Earth.

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Hadrorhachia first emerged around 4060ma, when it diverged from the Orthorhachia branch.

The first Hadrorhachids used subcarangiform swimming, having a truncate caudal fin, and measured around 2 meters in length. While some species retain this form of locomotion, other species have evolved to use the other two forms of body-driven swimming. Native to pelagic environments, all observed Hadrorhachids employ some form of counter-shading.

Hadrorhachids dominated the pelagic ecosystem for over 150 million years, until the global climate shift resulted in the disruption of the oceanic ecosystem. While the Hadrorhachids survived, their top-level roles in the food chain where mostly overtaken by the Thalattotheres. However, the Hadrorhachids remain dominant in deeper waters due to their gill-based respiration.

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