Malacoformes (lit. "soft forms") are a clade of small-bodied creatures, analogous to arthropods on Earth.


Malacoformes first emerged around 4173ma. Their name comes from their lack of shell, (which was lost during the evolutionary process) making them the only clade of Anthostomes besides Anostracans not to possess any support structure. Compared to larger Lophostomes, they have longer periscope-like eye stalks and longer, more flexible legs: all three traits evolved in response to their small body size.

Malacoformes comprise a massive and broad clade, with only six clades being catalogued. However, all Malacoformes possess the following qualities:

  • A small body size, measuring only a few centimeters long
  • A lack of any internal support (hence the name "soft forms")
  • Long periscope-like eye stalks
  • Proportionally longer, flexible legs compared to larger Lophostomes
  • R-selective reproduction
  • A single orifice for eating, excreting waste, and reproduction

Like all Lophostoma, Malacoformes have waterproof skin, two eye-stalks with three eyes on each end, two spiracles for respiration, eight legs comprised of pure muscle, and six oral manipulator limbs.

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