Neopoda (lit. "new feet") is a clade of Sarcopodia from which all amphibious, terrestrial, semi-aquatic and pelagic Sarcopods descend.

Description Edit

Neopods descend from the amphibious Sarcopods who began the transition to terrestrial existences, emerging roughly around 4151ma. They retain the basic body structure present in all Sarcopods, but the two branches have diverged significantly in almost all other aspects.

Branches Edit

  • Osteopoda: The most thoroughly explored lineage of Polypodia, defined by their internal skeleton.
  • Metaxypoda: Amphibious Neopods native to rivers and swamps.

Notes Edit

  • "Neopoda" has not been mentioned verbally within the videos, and was not seen until Part 7. This distinction was likely made as a means of distinguishing the Neopods from the fully aquatic Coelopods, as well as highlighting their relation to the Osteopods.

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