Neostoma (lit. "new mouth") is a branch of Tentaclostoma consisting of all amphibious and terrestrial species.


Neostomas began as Tentaclostomes who used the intertidal zones as breeding grounds. These species began to supplement their diets with coastal Chemophytes, eventually becoming tied to the land.

The Neostomas are especially notable for being the ancestors of the Lophostomes, the first clade of terrestrial animals on TIRA 292b.


  • Lophostoma: Consist of all terrestrial Anthostomes, as well as the first clade of terrestrial animals
  • Myzostoma: Amphibious species native to freshwater rivers


  • The term "Neostoma" was first used in Part 7, in order to distinguish the divergent lineages of Tentaclostoma. The term is never verbally stated, but rather shown in the Anthostoma cladogram.


Evolutionary Tree
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