Onychodontia (lit. "Claw Teeth") is an order of hypercarnivorous Dromaeopods.

Description Edit

First appearing around 4238ma, Onychodonts are the apex predators of the steppe, hunting both Titanopods and Leptopods. At around 2 meters in height, Onychodonts are the largest Polyschians ever seen, well above the early Dromaeopods.

Like Leptopods, Onychodonts have an upright posture, a long flexible spine and proportionally long legs. While endothermic during hunts, they will cease thermoregulation during times of rest or scarcity.

However, their most notable trait is their development of centaurism. Unlike all other Osteopods, Onychodonts are hexapedal rather than octopedal: what was once their anterior pair of walking limbs are now clawed arms held permanently off the ground. Aside from increasing running efficiency, these arms are used to hold prey in place while their fang-like pedipalps deliver the killing blow.


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