Reef atmlve

Art of the reefs by ATMLVE

The Reefs of sessile anthostomes is a biome that can be found on the shallows along the coasts.

Description Edit

The marine snow and abundant plankton cultivate huge reefs of sessile anthostomes, providing a habitat for a unique assemblage of organisms.

Locomotion forms Edit

The complex landscape of the reefs favors specializations for maneuverability among species, including Anguilliform swimming and Median-paired fin swimming.

Many species retain a long, slender body shape to help squeeze through confined spaces among the stands of archeanthostomes.

Comparison between Pelagic Zone and Anthostome Reefs Edit

In some ways, the differences between the reefs and open ocean is analogous to the difference between the forests and the steppe; in the open sea, where there’s virtually no form of cover or shelter, it pays to be optimized for speed, but the complex landscape of the reefs favors specializations for maneuverability. 

Organisms Edit

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