Remipterida (lit. "oar fins") are a clade of Orthorhachia native to Anthosotome reefs.

Description Edit

Remipterids first emerged around 4075ma, and are commonly found in Anthostome reefs. Like all modern Orthorhachids, their colour patterns help camouflage them in the reefs and through the sediment.

Remipterida morphology is noticeably different from other Acanthopod clades: they have slender, leaf-shaped bodies with tail fins running along their dorsal surface. Unlike other clades, which employ various forms of body-driven swimming, Remipterids use median-paired fin swimming: this is facilitated by their seven pairs of broad paddle-like fins, which are largely vestigal in every other clade of Acanthopodia. This grants them greater speed than their Tanypterid sister clade, and provides them with a means of escaping predators.


Evolutionary Tree
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