TIRA 292b is a planet orbiting the star TIRA 292 and has a close moon named TIRA 292b I. It serves as the basis for Biblaridion's speculative biology series.

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TIRA 292b in 4250ma

Orbital data and time Edit

The Planet is located at 0.85 AU from his Star, in the habitable zone. The average temperature is 20 degrees celsius, a little bit warmer than on Earth.


Axis Edit

The Axis is closer to zero than Earth, causing less seasonal variation.

Planet dataEdit

The Planet has an iron core, creating a powerful magnetic field. However, its gravity is only 80% compared to Earth's.


Atmosphere Edit

The atmosphere is largely similar to ancient Earth, consisting primary of nitrogen and oxygen and containing small amounts of argon. The most notable differences are the higher concentrations of carbon dioxide (5% of the ancient atmosphere) and the noticeable presence of hydrogen sulphide (1% of the ancient atmosphere). The presence of hydrogen sulphide has noticeably shaped the development of the planet: the oceans are acidic, and precipitation usually consists of acid rain, leaving the mountains eroded. This has also had a profound effect on the development of life: the primary form of autotrophs are chemoautotrophs rather than phototrophs, and all organisms have tolerance to acidic environments.
Between 4000ma and 4210ma, the Carbon Dioxide level dropped from 1.00% to around 0.05%, and the Hydrogen Sulfide level dropped from around 0.37% to around 0.04%.
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