Teleopterida (lit. "end fins") are a clade of Hadrorhachia.


Teleopterids first emerged around 4092ma, eventually becoming the dominant group of pelagic predators. Teleopterids have a streamlined body to increase hydrodynamic efficiency: the most notable example is their feeding arms, which are kept pressed together into a cone. The once-vestigal limbs of the ancestral Polypods have evolved into stabilizing fins.

Early Teleopterids were carangiform swimmers, a trait retained in the Dorypoda branch, but the Temnopoda branch relies on thungiform swimming. Regardless, Teleopterids comprise the fastest Acanthopods yet seen.

Branches Edit

  • Dorypoda: Specialize for feeding on small nekton.
  • Temnopoda: Specialize for feeding on large prey.

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