Temnopoda (lit. "cutting feet") are a clade of Teleopterids specialized for hunting larger prey.

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Temnopods first emerged around 4142ma, and served as the dominant oceanic macropredators until 4220ma, when disruptions in the ocean climate allowed for the Anisopterygians to overtake most of the Temnopods' roles. However, the Temnopods survive in deeper waters, which are out of reach for the Thalattotheres.

Temnopods possess a long, torpedo-shaped body, allowing to accelerate rapidly, and rely on thunniform swimming. Their feeding arms are lined with rows of serrated teeth, allowing them to ensnare prey and tear off chunks of flesh for easier consumption.

Temnopods feed on large prey, such as Ptilopods and large Dorypods.

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